Devotional tablet

A silver tablet representing one of the most tragic scenes in Jesus’ life

  • chiselled melted silver with golden details
  • 16th century, probably 1594
  • unknown goldsmith, probably from the Emilia Romagna region or Cremona


A devotional tablet for the kiss of the peace is a solemn liturgical object, usually a tablet painted with a sacred scene, used as a symbol of reconciliation that the faithful were allowed to kiss.

Normally it was placed on the main altar. A handle helped it to stand and was used by the priest when he offered the tablet to the people during celebrations.

The scene on the tablet represents Christ’s Deposition with Mary and St. John.

An incision on the back says it was donated to the Cathedral by the citizens of Fidenza in 1594, in gratitude for the blessing of Pope Clemens VII: “BVRGI SANCTI DOMNINI / COMVNI[TATIS] OBLATIONE PRO BENEDICTIONE OBTENTA / A SANCTISS[IMO] D[OMINO] N[OSTRO] CLEMENTE OCTAVO PONT[EFICE] MAX[IMO] 1594.”


Bacio di pace: Gesto tipico della liturgia, utilizzato spesso dai fedeli verso un particolare oggetto sacro in segno di devozione.


Papa Clemente VIII (1536-1605) : Sovrano dello Stato Pontificio dal 1592 alla sua morte, partecipò ai quattro conclavi che si tennero dal 1590 al 1592. Nel 1594 benedì la città di Fidenza (all’epoca Borgo San Donnino) ottenendo così la gratitudine e devozione dei cittadini.