Hanging lamp

A silver lamp in the opulent and richly decorated Baroque style

  • chiseled, embossed silver
  • 18th century (1715)
  • Ventura Patrini


This large three-faced silver lamps reflects the sumptuous and exuberant style typical of late Baroque.

The first face represents an eagle with a halo and a book: it is the coat of arms of the canon Francesco Evangelisti, whose bequest paid for the making of the lamp.

The “VP” inscription suggests that the artist may be a silversmith from Parma called Ventura Patrini; we know little about him, except that he built two other hanging lamps in 1731.

The lamp was embossed using little hammers to hit the metal from the inside, while work with the chisel provided contrast.




Baroque: Cultural movement born in Rome during the 17th and 18th centuries, with expressions in philosophy, art, music and literature. The term may come from the Portuguese word “barroco” or the Spanish “barueco”, which indicates an irregular pearl.


Chisel: A tool used for sculptures, decorations and fine work on metallic objects.