Main altar furnishings

The furnishings for the main altar: a set of precious, elaborately decorated objects kept in the Diocesan Museum 

  • Embossed silver, worked with chisel and burin, with gold parts
  • XVIII century, 1761-1766
  • Pietro Perini, Emanuel Abraham Drentwet and various artisans


The furnishings consist of several objects used for solemn ceremonies. It was customary to provide churches, from time to time, with new precious furnishings, crafted following the aesthetic and symbolic taste of the time. That is why ancient furnishings were often melted to recover metals and precious stones. In fact, this set is one of the few that came to us intact from that period.

In the XVIII century Girolamo Bajardi (1712-1775), member of a noble family of Parma and bishop in Borgo San Donnino from 1735, commissioned a magnificent set of furnishings for the Cathedral.

The coat of arms of his family, featuring the head of a horse, can be seen on most of the objects.

The furnishings include an altar cross with the image of Saint Donnino, martyr and patron of Fidenza. It bears the crest of the previous commissioner, bishop Severino Missini. There are also four reliquaries in the shape of a bishop’s bust, according to a typical model of the time, two censers and ten candlesticks, four of which are small and six tall.

Many of these objects are signed with the initials “PP”, which identify the artist as the famous goldsmith Pietro Perini from Parma (1720-1787).

The set also includes an altar bookstand and a binding for a missal, made in the same style as a rayed monstrance, which is signed with the initials “ED” for the German silversmith Emanuel Abraham Drentwet.