The city

Vista del comune

Fidenza counts approximately 27,000 inhabitants. It is located between the cities of Parma (in the South), Piacenza (in the North) and Cremona (in the East) and it has often been involved in their conflicts over the centuries. 

Fidentia was a Roman city, which was invaded by the Langobards and later by the Franks. In the 9th Century it changed its name into Borgo San Donnino, and nowadays it is still commonly called “Borgo”. It was renamed Fidenza in 1927.

During the Middle Ages Fidenza was an important stop along the Via Francigena, at the crossroads of pilgrimage routes which connected Northern Europe to Rome and the shrines of Southern Italy.

Some outstanding places of cultural interest are the Cathedral, where Benedetto Antelami worked, and the Diocesan Museum, which preserves some objects of inestimable value.

Other remarkable sights are the Magnani Theatre, with its beautiful neoclassical facade, Langobard wooden houses in Via Bacchini, the medieval city gates, and many impressive churches.

Nowadays Fidenza is an active and vibrant city, an agro-industrial centre with industries in several sectors, including mechanical, glass, electronics, and services.