The Museum’s Stories

Fidenza Cathedral and its Museum

The Duomo of Fidenza, which became Cathedral in 1601, is a marvelous example of Emilian Romanesque evolving into Gothic. Clearly visible is the influence of Benedetto Antelami, who was well acquainted with Provencal architecture.

Symbols of the Cathedral

The friezes on the portals, the capitals on pillars and the bas-reliefs on the walls tell in a symbolic and sometimes mysterious way about the culture of the society that built the Cathedral in its various reconstructions.

Fidenza: history and identity

The Roman city of Fidentia Iulia took the name of “Borgo San Donnino” in the ninth century, during the rebuilding phase after barbarian invasions. Its medieval history is emblematic of the conflicts between Guelphs and Ghibellines, common to all of Northern Italy.